Sep 24, 2010

Cerulean Blue

"Cerulean skies stretch on endlessly
Blanketing fields of woven gold.
This is where a story began
Or so I have been told.

The story of a lonely girl

To life, brought by fate
Meeting the end of her disparity
And the yearnings she couldn’t take.

And here she was, looking up at you

With eyes full of pure respect.
Astounded at every little thing you do
Sitting alert and erect

Noting your subtle mannerisms

And the way you moved your eyes.
I know it was only days ago
But we'll soon see how time flies.

Cerulean skies stretching eternally

Bluer than Caribbean seas
Embracing me as I reach upward
Letting the wind erase me.

This is your mission if you choose to accept it,

And well I hope that you do.
This is the way that Id love to hold you
If your love decides to prove true.

Purity like cerulean skies

Unwavering in color
Speeding down winding highways
With nothing but each other.

This is my future, if I choose to accept it,

And well I hope that I do...
This is the way I will look at you always
With eyes deeper than cerulean blue."

~by Keskiyo.

Romantic isn't it? I found it from deviantART :)